Helping Your Child with Math

 Count Everything
Count toys, kitchen utensils, and items of clothing as they come out of the dryer. Help your child count by pointing to and moving the objects as they say each number out loud. Count forwards and backwards from different starting places. Use household items to practice adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.
 Sing and Read Counting Songs
Every culture has counting songs, such as "One, Two Buckle My Shoe" and "Ten Little Monkeys", which make learning to count - both forwards and backwards - fun for children. Counting books also capture children's imagination by using pictures of interesting things to count and add.
 Discover Numbers in Our Environment
Take your child on a "number hunt" in your home or neighbourhood. Point out how numbers are used on the television set, the microwave, and the telephone. Spot numbers in books and newspapers. Look for numbers on signs in your neighbourhood. Encourage your child to tell you whenever he or she discovers a new way in which numbers are used.
 Solve Number Problems Together
We need six tomatoes to make our sauce for dinner, and we have only two. How many more tomatoes do we need to buy? "You have two pillows in your room. How many pillowcases do I need to wash?" Two guests are coming to eat dinner with us. How many plates will we need?
 Practice Skip-Counting
Together count by 2's and 5's. Ask your child how far he or she can count by 10. Roll two dice, one to determine a starting number and the other to determine the counting interval. As your child to try counting backwards from 10, 20, or even 100.
 Games with Dice and Playing Cards
Try rolling dice and adding or multiplying the numbers that come up. Add up the totals until you reach a target number, like 100. Play the game backwards to practice subtraction.
 Play "Broken Calculator"
Pretend that the number 8 key on a calculator is broken. Without it, how can you make the number 18 appear on the screen? (Sample answers: 20-2, 15+3). Ask other questions using different "broken" keys.

Numeracy Matters

The first section of links on this page are about the importance of Numeracy and why these skills are important to our students in today's world. We live in a vast global community which is why we've linked to sites in many parts of the world. Children in every country are working on these same life skills.

There is also a link where you can do an online quiz to test out your own Numeracy Skills (#6)  And finally, in the first section, are links to documents on basic numeracy / math skills from our own Ontario Ministry of Education.

In the second section are online interactive math games and activities our students will be using at school, but they may also come to this site and use these same activities to re-inforce their math skills at home. We hope you find this page informative and helpful as we spend this year focusing on Numeracy Skills throughout our school. If, in your own Internet searches you find other good educational links we might include here, please send me those links. I'd be happy to include them.  Our school goal this year is "Students will develop a greater understanding of additive reasoning."

Numeracy Skills

The Essential Skill of Numeracy - (the ultimate reason behind why numeracy is important)           

From the University of West England - (why numeracy skills are important)           

Canadians need to do more to improve numeracy skills. (Globe and Mail)           

Numeracy Skills Count (quotes stats from UK, Australia and USA)           

How Does Blending Learning Develop Numeracy Skills? (eLearning Ontario)           

Test Yourself on Your Numeracy Skills (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada)           

Why the Ontario Government is committed to improving math skills. (           

Preparing Students for the World Beyond the Classroom (EQAO Research Team)           

Essential Skills and Work Habits (Ontario Skills Passport)           

Reach Every Student - Energizing Ontario Education (see page 6 in this document)           

Numeracy in Literacy and Basic Skills (Developing Adult Numeracy)           

The Ontario Math Curriculum (Ontario Ministry of Education)           

What Works? Research into Practice! (Ontario Ministry of Education)           

Elementary Math Support Pages (TVDSB Math Department)           

A Math Dictionary for Kids - by Jenny Eather (very visual - would be great on a SB)                                  

Interactive Math Games/Activities

Numeracy WebLinks - Primary Ages 4-11                                        

ICT Math Games - Numerous Themes                                            

Arcademics - Academics + Arcade = Fun Learning                        

Mad for Math - Fun Math Games and Advice for Parents on KS2 Math                                                                                                        

SumDog - Free Games to Make Math Fun                                      

Maths Zone - Interactive Math Games and Activities                      

Bitesize - Primary KS1 Level                                                           

Primary Interactive - From PrimaryResources UK                           

Primary Games Series                                                                    

Primary Games Arena - Collection of primary Math game to teach the Curriculum                                                                                                        

Free Online Maths Games                                                               

Literacy & Numeracy Games - Miss Reynolds Blog                         

Teaching Ideas (click the Maths tab)                                              

Kiwi Families - School Age Free Maths Games - Website and Link  

Primary Resources CO UK - 6 Math Sections or Strands                 

Northwood Numeracy WebSite - 6 categories and strands            

Christmas Maths - TopMarks Educational Sites                               

ICT Games - Teaching Resources - Interactive                               

The Classroom Kit - Math Games to Use in the Classroom             

Mental Maths - from Teaching Ideas                                               

Free Teacher - Math Games for Classroom Use                              

IXL - Math For the Right and Left Brain (among other things)        

Math Games PBS Kids - Many, Many Links on All Strands and Topics                                                                                                        

Cool Math 4 Kids - An Amusement Park of Math Games and more....                                                                                                        

Family Learning - Numeracy Link                                                    

StudyLadder - Many great activites but requires a login (free however)                                                                                                        

Gateway to School Math Games - BBC UK                                       

Crickweb - Free Online Educational Resources                               

Math Frog - Free Math Fun Resources - From U of Waterloo          

Spy Guys - Grade 6 Math Game - All Key Math Concepts                

AAA Math - Interactive Arithmetic Lessons                                     

Link to Learning - Math - Covers all Math Strands - Many good links here!                                                                                                        

Math WebLinks from the Upper Gullies Elementary School            

Learn Alberta - Explore and Learn Math Links                                 

Getting Students Connected - Avon Maitland - (click the grade then the MATH link)                                                                                                        

Math Live - Specific Math Concepts for Grades 3-6                         

Elementary Math Websites To Practice Mixed Operations/Story Problems