Dress Code

Dress Code Standard 

At Wortley Road Public School our standard of dress and expectations regarding appropriate attire, while not formalized, have been based upon common sense and respect for self and others. Parents and students have demonstrated their support for these principles through their cooperation and good choices. The Dress Code is reviewed annually by the Wortley Road School Council. 

The intent of the guidelines listed here is to help develop and protect the safety, self-confidence, self-respect and self-esteem of our students. 

  • Clothing and accessories that promote alcohol, drugs, sex, violence, profanity, gangs, 
  • prejudice and racism are not acceptable. 
  • Exposed undergarments are not acceptable. 
  • Revealing clothing and bare midriffs are not acceptable. 
  • Shoulders must be covered by fabric that is at least 2 finger widths wide. 
  • Shorts and skirts must be as long as, or longer than, when arms are extended (mid-thigh). 
  • Hats will be removed when in school. 

Students who come to school dressed inappropriately will be asked to remedy the situation. 

For example, if a shirt has a logo that is inappropriate, the student will be asked to cover it with another garment or to turn it inside out, until it can be changed. Parents may be informed if a student’s dress is found to be inappropriate, necessitating a change of clothes. 

Dress for Physical Education 

At Wortley, the importance of physical fitness is recognized and we offer students opportunities for movement in our Physical Education and QDPA (Quality Daily Physical Activity) programs. Because of the nature of these programs, it is advised that all students wear comfortable and practical clothes to school. Shoes with non-slip soles, preferably running shoes, are recommended for indoor use - please no slippers. 

Dress for Weather 

Because the students play outdoors throughout the year, they should be dressed appropriately for the weather. In the winter, students need to wear a hat, mittens and warm footwear to sufficiently protect themselves from the cold. In the spring and summer, a hat and sunblock will protect your child from the harmful rays of the sun.